Environmental Sustainability

Here at the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden (AALBG) we are committed to practising and promoting environmental sustainability. We believe that human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are a chief cause of global warming and that their reduction may reduce the speed and degree of global warming. Therefore, we embrace greenhouse gas reduction as a means of focusing attention on protecting the global environment and the sustainable use of the Earth’s finite resources.

Some of the environmental measures we have adopted at AALBG include:

  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass & aluminium
  • Using water-wise native plants and mulching
  • Use of timers and drippers to water gardens
  • Use of micro flourescent light globes
  • Building the Visitor Centre with rammed earth, which has excellent thermal properties
  • Promoting awareness of sustainability issues to staff and guests
  • Ongoing revegetation
  • Sourcing local & eco-friendly products for the restaurant & shop where possible
  • Using local builders and tradespeople
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant – waste water from the visitor centre building is treated & used to irrigate our new section of Eremophila garden
  • Solar Panels have been installed on the visitor centre & nursery compound building to offset power usage & reduce our carbon footprint
  • Rainwater collection – rainwater is collected from the visitor centre roof, stored underground & then re‐used in the visitor centre i.e. toilets, kitchen etc)
  • Evaporative air‐conditioning ducts run underground to assist in keeping cool
  • The Visitor Centre won a design award for its energy efficient design, including rammed earth walls which have great thermal properties
  • Solar powered lights in the garden that turn on/off automatically
  • Chemical‐free cleaning products are used
  • We have Australian Tourism Accreditation & won 

    the SA Tourism Awards in the “Eco‐Tourism Category” in 2015

  • We, as an organisation promote the use of water‐wise (or AridSmart) plant choices for peoples home & business gardens and promote the message via the garden itself, display gardens, literature, guided tours, self‐guided tour information/maps, AridSmart native plant sales, garden related events, educating school groups ……and much more – it’s what we are all about.

We encourage all of our visitors to keep in mind the benefits to our environment from making small changes (at home or on the road).

For further info about climate change:  https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/energy-and-environment/environment-and-natural-resources/climate-change