AridSmart Plants

A sample of plants available at the AridSmart nursery

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Plants can be ordered through our AridSmart Nursery by calling (08) 8641 0156 or email

Water restrictions have changed the way we garden in recent years and there’s no doubt they’re here to stay. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up having beautiful, fragrant and colourful gardens. We can create stunning waterwise gardens instead by using the plants that grow naturally in Australia’s arid regions. Check out our AridSmart Garden for inspiration!

We have developed the AridSmart range of plants to provide Australia’s gardeners with beautiful, waterwise plants that are worthy of a place in any garden. AridSmart plants are grown on-site, and many are propagated from the very plants originally sourced for our botanical collection from some of Australia’s harshest deserts and most remote locations.

The beautiful AridSmart range of plants is:

  • exclusive to the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
  • sourced from Australia’s most remote arid regions
  • selected for beauty, vigour, toughness and reliability
  • tolerant of a range of soil types
  • tolerant of a range of climatic conditions
  • hardened for 2 to 8 months in temperatures up to 47°C

For enquiries and orders, please email us or call 86419 116.


AridSmart the Future of Gardening