AridSmart Garden Design

centrepiece of the eremophila courtyard garden and the desert garden

Our climate isn’t the only thing that’s changing.

The way we think and act is also changing. Most of us now recycle without a second thought and we’re adopting energy-saving and water saving practices as a matter of course.

The habits of a lifetime are also changing in the garden. The need to conserve water has forced many of us to recognise the folly of sustaining plants in landscapes where they don’t belong. Instead we are starting to appreciate and utilise the amazing flora that grows naturally in Australia’s arid regions.

Our award-winning AridSmart Garden shows how to use beautiful AridSmart plants and a few simple design principles to create a stunning waterwise garden at home in one of six popular ‘courtyard’ styles. And best of all your new garden will use very little water once it’s established.

The beautiful AridSmart range of plants is:

  • exclusive to the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
  • sourced from Australia’s most remote arid regions
  • selected for beauty, vigour,toughness and reliability
  • tolerant of a range of soil types
  • tolerant of a range of climatic conditions
  • hardened for 2 to 8 months in temperatures up to 47°C

You can buy AridSmart plants from our new gift and garden shop!