Collection zone and plants

We are the only botanic garden in the world to specialise in the conservation and display of flora from the southern arid zone of Australia (where the annual rainfall is less than 250mm). With an area of approximately 250 hectares, the garden comprises four designated zones – developed areas, undeveloped areas, research area and conservation zones. Within these zones we hold our regional and special interest collections.

Conservation Zones

With significant and diverse populations of local flora and fauna and intact natural systems, the conservation zones are simply too environmentally valuable to be developed. There are three conservation zones on the site:

Regional Collections

Our regional collections are based on IBRA (Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia, version 5.1). This is a scientific classification of regions based on factors which include climate, geomorphology, landform, lithology and characteristic fauna and flora. Our regional collections currently represent:

Future regional collections will represent:

  • Channel Country
  • Simpson Strzelecki Dunefields
  • Stony Plains
  • Coolgardie Region
  • Nullarbor Region
  • Murchison Region
  • Murray Darling Depression

Special Interest Collections

Our special interest collections currently include: